Procurement and Support

Deciding on a telephone system, data network or unified communications solution can be quite daunting. Wave2 Communications have the skills to fully support clients to develop a detailed technical specification, developing a procurement document tailored around your business and ideas and advising on solutions to meet your objectives.

The key objectives for procurements are usually as follows:
•  To get the best specification and solution for your business requirements.
•  To obtain the best price, without compromising service.
•  To ensure that all relevant plans are project-managed as planned, seamlessly and to scheduled time.

We manage procurements on all aspects of voice and data communications including:

•  Telephone Systems

•  Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

•  Unified Communications

•  VoIP

•  Network

– Local Area Networks (LAN’s)

– Wide Area Networks (WAN’s)

– WiFi

•  Telephone Tariffs

•  Private Circuits

– MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

– Lease lines

•  Broadband

–  ADSL / S / DSL

– Fibre connection

•  Mobiles communications

Friendly, Professional, Impartial and Independent

Why People Choose Us

We have specialist experience in many sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Legal, Finance and SMB.  Our main areas of consultation are:

• Helping business improve their communications 

• Reducing costs

• Dramatically improving service levels and response times.

• Relieving the many pressures on front line staff. 

• Increasing efficiency and productivity in various ways. 

• Revolutionising message handling and internal communication. 

• Improving the safety and security of staff and visitors

We assess how businesses with limited time or resources can make the best use of technology by providing truly independent and unbiased advice.

Our Aims

We endeavour to build a close working relationship with all our clients to understand their immediate and changing needs.  We use the available technology to tailor the best solution for our clients’ needs.  We understand that regardless of the size or nature of any organization, customer’s key requirements remain the same:

• Exceptional Customer Support during and after project completion

• Competitive Commercials

• Robust Connectivity

• Accurate and Transparent Information throughout the project

• Access to Improved Commercials throughout the Term of the Contract

• Proactive Account Management

We have a great team of professionals committed to ensuring we hold true to delivering all the above.


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