Independent Consultancy

Wave2 Communications is associated with major telecommunications manufacturers and suppliers, delivering effective solutions to clients. By offering a comprehensive range of professional, technical and business communications advice and support, Wave2C is able to cater for a broad range of communications requirements.

With over 30 years of experience in the communications and working with a wide range of business sectors and organizations we really do understand the unique challenges and pressures that exist in different sectors.

From strategic communications reviews to cost and quality audits Wave2C will have the most cost-effective solutions available, using industry-leading technology and solutions.

We work closely with all our clients and feel this will ensure that the most effective solution is implemented as efficiently as possible.

Our advice is always practical, realistic and ensures business needs are put before technology.

The areas we cover include the following:
•  Telephone Systems, voicemail etc.
•  Unified Communications
•  Contact Centre Strategy
•  Voice and Data Convergence
•  IP Telephony and Voice over IP
•  Mobile Communications
•  Tele-Conferencing (Audio, Web, Video)
•  Local (LAN) Wide Area (WAN) Data networking
•  Cost saving audits and reviews
•  Budget reduction programs
•  Business Continuity Planning – Disaster recovery
•  Procurement and service management

Whether you’re looking to save costs, replace an existing solution or implement new technology, getting the strategy right allows you to map the process and evaluate different approaches effectively.

At Wave2 Communications we not only understand technology but we also understand business. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, taking into account all influences both inside and outside the organisation.

Wave2 Communications provides our client with the confidence of working with a partner that has experience, a comprehensive understanding of what makes a good strategy and provides impartial, independent advice.

Friendly, Professional, Impartial and Independent

Why People Choose Us

We have specialist experience in many sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Legal, Finance and SMB.  Our main areas of consultation are:

• Helping business improve their communications 

• Reducing costs

• Dramatically improving service levels and response times.

• Relieving the many pressures on front line staff. 

• Increasing efficiency and productivity in various ways. 

• Revolutionising message handling and internal communication. 

• Improving the safety and security of staff and visitors

We assess how businesses with limited time or resources can make the best use of technology by providing truly independent and unbiased advice.

Our Aims

We endeavour to build a close working relationship with all our clients to understand their immediate and changing needs.  We use the available technology to tailor the best solution for our clients’ needs.  We understand that regardless of the size or nature of any organization, customer’s key requirements remain the same:

• Exceptional Customer Support during and after project completion

• Competitive Commercials

• Robust Connectivity

• Accurate and Transparent Information throughout the project

• Access to Improved Commercials throughout the Term of the Contract

• Proactive Account Management

We have a great team of professionals committed to ensuring we hold true to delivering all the above.


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